Flower Weekend Haarlem 2018


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Culture is the theme of this year’s Flower Parade and Flower Weekend in Haarlem. It revolves around four special cultural events taking place in the last quarter of the year.

Two major exhibitions, one in Teylers Museum and one in Frans Hals Museum, and two theatres celebrating significant anniversaries. Shining the spotlight firmly on culture, the Flower Weekend kicks off this year with a light show on Friday evening. 

Lightshow opening Flower weekend
Opening Haarlem's Flower Weekend is a stunning light show projecting images on the cathedral.

Flower Parade
The brightly lit Flower Parade will enter the centre of Haarlem around 21:30 on 21 April. The 20 or so flower floats, interspersed with artistically decorated luxury vehicles, will once again create a magnificent floral spectacle. The flower floats will be displayed on Gedempte Oude Gracht after the parade.

Cathedral the New Bavo in Bloom
Haarlem's New Bavo is bedecked with flowers. Under the leadership of master florist, Ingeborg Kemperman, more than a hundred school students have helped design and create the entrancing spectacle that is the New Bavo in Bloom. Immerse yourself in a romantically decorated cathedral that is sure to enchant as it did the year before. A beautiful cocoon in the 40-metre high tower, the high altar is decorated with a thousand flower stems, and beautiful wreaths create an elaborate floral welcome to Haarlem's Cathedral.

Museum in Bloom
During the annual floral presentation in the Frans Hals Museum, artist Birthe Leemeijer offers a new perspective on the Dutch flower bulb-growing culture with her project ‘The Infinite Gardens’. The infinite gardens have been a concept since 2013, when Leemeijer started planting wild tulip bulbs in all sorts of unexpected places throughout the Netherlands. In doing so, she literally creates an infinite garden, which reaches the Frans Hals Museum Hof.


  • daily until May 5th, 2018