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VVV Haarlem tourist information is happy to help

Haarlem is a wonderful city to stay. The atmosphere is relaxed and the historic city centre is compact, everything is within walking distance. Enjoy Haarlem’s culture, great food and drink, nightlife and excellent shopping facilities. From Haarlem, a visit to the beach, local country estates or Keukenhof gardens is easily organised. VVV Haarlem tourist information centre is happy to help you plan your visit. From accommodation to activities, to museum tickets and bike hire. VVV Haarlem tourist information centre also provides various packages and practical information about accessibility. 




Bicycle and walkingroutes

Want to go for a bike ride or a great walk? At VVV Haarlem tourist information centre you can find the most beautiful cycle and walking routes, cycle junction maps and bike hire information.


Fancy ending your stay in the city with a relaxing visit to a sauna, yoga centre or beauty salon? No problem, Haarlem has it all.