Leaflets and routes

Walking leaflets and shopping routes

The nicest places, most beautiful routes and special highlights in Haarlem, compiled in handy walking leaflets, shopping routes and brochures. They include a city treasure hunt for kids and water recreation leaflet for water lovers with tips and practical information about sailing in the Haarlem area. To really get to know the city, book a guided city walk at VVV Haarlem tourist information centre.

All leaflets are available at the VVV Haarlem tourist information centre.

Bicycle routes

Guided walks

Sure, you can explore Haarlem under your own steam but a guided city walk makes the experience more fun. You are shown the hidden treasures of the city centre, receive interesting information about the things you see and get told the funniest Haarlem anecdotes. Pick from several different themed walks. Walks are to be booked via VVV Haarlem tourist information centre.

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