Boat trips

Add an extra dimension to your Haarlem visit with a boat trip on the Spaarne for a totally different perspective of the city. Especially if you combine your boat trip with a culinary tasting, museum visit or tour of the area. Also highly recommended for a wedding party, group outing or business event!

Boat hire

Love exploring by yourself? Hire a boat at one of the boat hire organisations in Haarlem. You don’t require a boating permit for most of the boats, but the water recreation leaflet may come in handy. Available at boat hire companies, the harbour master’s office, VVV Haarlem tourist information centre or download.

Pleasure boats

Haarlem is part of the Staande Mastroute (Mast-Up Route), a transit route for sailing and motor boats with a mast or superstructure height of over 6 metres, and of the western route, which connects the Oude Wetering at Roelofarendsveen with Zijkanaal C and the Noordzeekanaal (North Sea Canal). Pleasure boats can moor in the heart of Haarlem: a truly unique experience!